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Understanding the size and demand of the Bangladeshi garment and textile sector is essential to the development and improvement of the industry.

PaCT, in partnership with Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies (BCAS), conducted a segmentation study on the Bangladesh textile sector. The purpose of the study was to conduct an in-depth market analysis to better understand the Washing, Dyeing, and Finishing (WDF) sub-sectors in Bangladesh and to identify the development potential of the individual segments.

Key findings of the segmentation study are substantial, demonstrating that out of a total of 6706 number of industries listed by the industry associations, the number of industries in the WDF subsector was found to be 719, half the number initially thought. Global best practices demonstrate that one kilogram of fabric can be produced consuming ~ 50 litres of water. Figure 1 shows the average daily water consumption of textile factories of various capacities found from the study.

To date, PaCT has completed Cleaner Production assessments in 169 factories. According to the study, more than 28% of the PaCT partner factories have capacity less than 10 tonnes/day and more than 46% has capacity of 11-20 tonnes/day-in total.

Finally, the study offers recommendations on how to further improvise the findings, and use the findings to draft sustainable development plans for the textile sector.