Basic Cleaner Production (CP) Assessment is designed with a systematic approach, particularly focusing on the identification and implementation of low-cost, but highly impactful CP measures. The measures are typically easy to implement, with immediate short-term financial benefits; and the best part is, some of them do have any associated costs whatsoever.

Deliverables from PaCT

Factories receive the following deliverables under Basic CP Assessment program

  • Consultancy on international best practices

  • Baseline report with factory-specific recommendations of global standard

  • Progress report after implementation of CP best practices

  • Access to finance for investments in resource efficiency

  • Report on OH&S and WASH facilities

  • Linkage with technology suppliers through the Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC)

  • Regular participation in User Group meetings

Advantages of basic CP are:

  • Easy to Implement
  • Factory Specific
  • Quick Return
  • Profitable

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