Textile Technology Business Center(TTBC)

“The Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC), an institution that provides localized tailor-made solutions, is vital if we are able to ensure long term sustainability of the Bangladesh textile sector. For the textile sector in Bangladesh, the time has come to move from being the engine of growth to becoming the leader in sustainable development.”
Md. Shahidullah Azim
Former Vice President


Access to quality and reliable information on resource efficiency technologies and technology suppliers plays a key role in encouraging greater adoption and implementation of best practices within the Bangladesh textile factories.

Identifying the need for a credible knowledge center, PaCT has established in partnership with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), Bangladesh’s first ever Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC). A one-stop resource center located on BGMEA premises, TTBC is paving the way towards becoming the country’s leading knowledge hub for the textile industry. The hub’s exclusive service offerings include:

  • Access to specialized information on resource efficiency technologies, technology suppliers, specialized publications, and operational tools

  • Dedicated platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences through Knowledge Series and User Groups

  • Supporting factories by facilitating investments in resource efficiency technologies

  • B2B linkages with a strong network of local and international technology suppliers

The center regularly organizes training and workshops under a specialized ‘Knowledge Series’ on cutting-edge technologies and resource efficiency solutions including ‘Water Metering and Monitoring’, ‘Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Management’, ‘Green Buildings’, ‘Solar PV and LED Lighting’, and ‘Resource Recovery’, ‘Wastewater Management’ and ‘Resource Efficiency Financing’.

For its valued members, TTBC hosts a rich and easy-to-access library comprising of books and other publication materials relevant to the textile and garment industry, and regularly publishes technical materials including info sheets and case studies on contemporary topics.