IFC led Advisory Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) is a holistic program that support the entire textile value chain – spinning, weaving, wet processing and garment factories in adopting Cleaner Production (CP) practices and engages with brands, technology suppliers, industrial associations, financial institutions, government to bring about systemic and positive environmental change for the Bangladesh textile sector and contribute to the sector’s long-term competitiveness and environmental sustainability..

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With every $1 invested, savings of

  • Water (26 m3 water/year)

  • Energy (2 MWh/year)

  • GHG (0.2 ton/year)

  • Wastewater (23 m3/year)

Our Impacts

PaCT has reached over 400 factories in Bangladesh and resulted in the following impacts (cumulative).

Water Savings

31.7 billion liter/year

Energy Savings

3.6 million MWh/year

GHG Avoided

682,472 tonnes CO2 eq/year

Wastewater Avoided

26.5 billion liter/year


US$ 128.8 million

No of factories reached


Training Sessions

More than 400

Personnel Trained

More than 7000

Who We are

CP Assessment

CP Assessment

Basic Cleaner Production (CP) Assessment is designed with a systematic approach, particularly focusing on the

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PaCT Advantage

PaCT Advantage

Audits are a ‘snapshot’ on any given day. They highlight the current status of a factory, but do not pinpoint where.

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Chemical Management Assessment

Chemical Management Assessment

As a holistic program, PaCT supports all elements of the supply chain in an effort to reduce wastewater generation

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Solar Rooftop PV

Solar Rooftop PV

To increase reliability of energy supply and improve the environment, the textile industry is looking for

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PaCT Portal

PaCT Portal

PaCT’s online monitoring tool was designed to help the industry measure its resource consumption.

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