“The industry has saved a huge amount of water and energy through the collaborative partnership with PaCT. We would like to think and shape tomorrow for the better and we can only do that by being the best of partners in the days to come.”

Rubana Huq, Former President, BGMEA


“The garments sector has come a long way since the establishment of IFC’s Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT), which showed the industry a new path of competitive advantage by being responsible and making cost-effective and financially feasible changes in operation that reduce emissions.”

Miran Ali, Vice President, BGMEA


“Through PaCT, Tesco’s goal is to establish world class water, energy and chemical management practice in clothing manufacture. We are sharing our learnings openly with our industry colleagues both within Bangladesh and in other regions.”

Alan Wragg, Technical Director F&F Clothing, Tesco


“Krohne Marshall acknowledges TTBC’s efforts in creating awareness of metering system in textile-garment sector of Bangladesh. As a leading technology provider in metering system, Krohne Marshall is happy to be associated with TTBC. Currently we are working with a number of PaCT factories to set up overall metering system with utility monitoring system.”

Mr. Sayedur Rahman, Engineer, Krohne Marshall

“Recommendations set by PaCT experts helped us immensely to be better thermal efficient, compared to our past days’ efficiency level. ‘HAMS Garments Ltd.’ is quite happy with PaCT to be able to make a positive turnaround in terms of power and cost savings.”

Chairman, HAMS Garments Ltd.

“Being part of the PaCT project has been very valuable in raising awareness on the importance of energy and water conservation. We have been able to identify and improve key areas in our production to reduce our water and energy footprint. The PaCT project has allowed to realize important financial savings, but more importantly it has given us the opportunity to work on building a sustainable enterprise.”

Director, Apex Holdings Ltd.

Banks and Financial Institutions

“At IDLC we are focusing on ‘Mother Planet and Sustainability’, shifting from the traditional financing approach to sustainable green financing. With an aim to deliver a cleaner energy economy, IDLC is always keen to widen financing opportunity to get energy efficiency strategies up and running in your industries. At Comfit Composite Knit Ltd., both IDLC & IFC PaCT team worked closely to develop a successful energy efficiency financing structure that not only incentivized each of the major stakeholder’s involvement but also balanced the relative risks of implementing energy efficiency improvements, resulting immense energy savings returns and benefits. Being inspired of the example set by Comfit, we firmly believe that other entrepreneurs will come forward to adopt similar measures to enhance their share in sustainable Bangladesh.”

Mr. Mesbah Uddin Ahmed General Manager & Head of Corporate Division, IDLC Finance Limited