Nishat Shahid Chowdhury
Nishat Shahid ChowdhuryProgram Manager
Nishat Shahid Chowdhury joined IFC in 2012 as Deputy Program Manager and a Textile Sustainability Specialist for the Bangladesh…
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Adiba Mehnaz Ahmed
Adiba Mehnaz AhmedOperations Officer
Part of the PaCT Core team, Adiba has been working with IFC since 2007. She manages the firm level advisory interventions as well as provides overall program management support to the PaCT Program…
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Sarder Niamul Islam
Sarder Niamul IslamProgram Assistant
Sarder Niamul Islam joined PaCT team as a Program Assistant in July 2016. Niamul’s IFC career began in May 2005 when he joined the South-Asia Enterprise Development Facility…
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Mohammad Tanvir Al-Fazal
Mohammad Tanvir Al-FazalConsultant - Resource Efficiency
Prior to joining PaCT, Tanvir worked for two years with the South China Dyeing and Bleaching Factory as a Production Officer, and before that, he served as a Dyeing Officer
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Md. Nazim Ud Dowla Noor
Md. Nazim Ud Dowla NoorConsultant - eService and ICT led solution development
Md Nazim ud dowla noor joined IFC in May 2012 as a consultant for ICT led systems development for advisory services.
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Muhammad Fakhrul Alam
Muhammad Fakhrul AlamConsultant - Resource Efficiency
Mr. Fakhrul has more than 14 years’ experience in factory operations and maintenance, as well as work on resource efficiency and environmental projects for industries
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Alavy Kifait Reza
Alavy Kifait RezaConsultant - Knowledge Management and Resource Efficiency
Alavy Kifait Reza joined the PaCT program as a consultant in May 2019. She provides support on program management, communications, and knowledge management.
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Madhubanti Anashua
Madhubanti AnashuaConsultant - Environment
Madhubanti Anashua has been a consultant with the Bangladesh PaCT program since May 2021. She is working in the “Enhancing Sector Competitiveness” component of the program..
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