Audits are a ‘snapshot’ on any given day. They highlight the current status of a factory, but do not pinpoint where and how improvements can be made. Sustainable results are regularly witnessed when:

  • factory management has the mindset for continuous improvement, and

  • sustainable practices are embedded within the factory’s DNA

PaCT enables textile factories to gain sustainability in their businesses by setting up an in-house resource management diagnostic tool called PaCT Advantage. PaCT Advantage is not a technical audit; it is a resource management program that focuses on developing an effective and continuous management system for water, energy and chemicals.

Key features of the diagnostic tool include:

  • Easy to use

  • Low cost

  • The assessment takes only 60-90 min

  • Generates an immediate report capturing overall performance in water, energy and chemical management

  • Identifies opportunities and gaps in factories’ procedures or policies

  • Develops an effective management plan for continuous improvement

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