The only question is whether the local textile industry can continue to integrate sustainable technology into their products and processes. If so, Bangladesh can become even more of a regional and global economic leader.

In partnership with NGOs like Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) and Solidaridad, clothing factories in Bangladesh have begun utilizing environmentally sustainable production practices. These ventures have helped save energy, water, and other precious natural resources. Many of these projects have also shown the global community that Bangladeshi companies can deliver when they receive investments to improve and upgrade their businesses.

Many of our local companies are already embracing new dyeing technologies. These sustainable technologies promote a cleaner environment by saving water, an especially crucial resource in Bangladesh. The nation’s current population of over 160 million people is only likely to grow in the coming years, making water conservation critical for enhancing quality of life.

In addition to revolutionizing fabric production processes, technology is changing the way the fashion industry reuses fabric. Many companies are experimenting with ways to create a closed-loop system, in which most of all the fabric used for an item of clothing is reused for new clothing. These processes have the potential to truly eliminate waste from the garment industry and be extremely beneficial for both local companies and consumers.

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