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PaCT organized two separate training sessions in May for partner banks BRAC Bank Ltd. and IDLC Finance Ltd. on the use of the Climate Assessment for FI Investment (CAFI) tool, a web-based software application. The sessions helped enable the partner banks to better evaluate and monitor results for climate-smart projects in areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and special climatic conditions. In addition, the CAFI tool also supports banks and other users by enabling them to easily screen projects with potential borrowers, thereby revealing prospective savings and helping to measure development results. This serves both bankers and borrowers in determining the financial viability of a climate investment.

“With the training provided by the IFC experts, we believe our CAFI Tool users will effectively use this tool for portfolio monitoring on specific climate targets and expertise their decision making capability based on IDLC’s green policy before financing any project,” shared Md. Shahriar Rahman, SEO, Green Banking Unit, IDLC Finance Ltd, and a participant at the training program.

In total, 52 participants took part in the training sessions.