Investment Facilitation

PaCT believes banks and financial intermediaries (FIs) can play a key role in catalyzing the uptake of resource efficiency projects in the textile sector.

Faced with growing resource scarcity and market competition, textile factories are now becoming more focused on investments in resource efficiency projects. However, investments in resource efficiency are often slowed down owing to limited access to finance, reluctance of banks to lend to resource efficiency projects as first-cost financing security, and lack of synergy among factories, banks, and reliable technology suppliers.

PaCT is playing a leadership role in bridging this gap by enabling banks and FIs, textile factories, and technology suppliers to work collectively in facilitating resource efficiency projects in the textile sector. PaCT’s integrated financing approach:

  • Facilitates textile factories to access financing for resource efficiency projects

  • Supports banks and FIs to build their capacity in evaluating resource efficiency projects and developing innovative finance models

  • Links factories, and banks and FIs to globally renowned technology suppliers for reliable technology sourcing

BRAC Bank Limited (BBL) and IDLC Finance Ltd., have recently joined PaCT’s Resource Efficiency Financing program. These institutions are already attracting PaCT partner factories with their innovative loan products like Planet Solutions, BRAC Banks’s first energy efficiency loan product for textile factories. PaCT supported BBL in building this tailored loan product by providing technical and advisory services.