Process Technology, Effluent Treatment and Energy Efficiency

In-depth Cleaner Production (CP) Assessment identifies opportunities to invest in technologically advanced global best practices in the operation, process, and environmental performance of textile factories. For example, optimization of process liquor ratios, ensuring the proper functioning of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), chemical management, are among the major areas targeted in In-depth CP assessment.

These changes can significantly reduce factories’ pollution load and operating costs, and consequently increase production and savings, without additional capacity.

Deliverables from PaCT

Factories receive the following deliverables under In-depth CP Assessment:

  • Consultancy on international best practices

  • Baseline report focusing on bankable improvement opportunities

  • Access to finance for investments in resource efficiency

  • Final CP report highlighting benefits gained from CP measures

  • Linkage with technology suppliers through the Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC)

  • Regular participation in User Group meetings

Advantages of In-depth CP are:

  • Designed to make a long-term change
  • Identifies technologically advanced opportunities for improvements in leading to simultaneous improvement in environmental performance and overall efficiency

  • Roadmap to continuous improvement
  • Highly Profitable

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