PaCT participates in Bangladesh Clean Energy Summit 2019

Photo: Ernst & Young LLP

Ernst & Young LLP and IDCOL organized the Bangladesh Clean Energy Summit (BCES) to promote affordable and advance renewable energy and conservation technologies, to create public awareness on renewable energy, energy efficiency & conservation and available financing options, to provide a platform for buyers and sellers to interact with each other, promote collaborations between local and international manufacturers and to contribute to climate sustainability.

Pact is working in similar arenas for the textile industry and Ms. Nishat Shahid Chowdhury, Program Manager, Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textile (Pact), International Finance Corporation participated in a panel discussion on the session titled “Scaling up Solar Photovoltaics in Bangladesh”. She shared PaCT’s experience on solar roof top program in Bangladesh. Her findings suggested incorporating third party who can implement a project on OPEX model and establishing private to private power selling with PPA. Additionally, she emphasized the necessity of government support, including incentives and urged the banks to move forward to promote solar energy.

IFC conducted a study on solar rooftop on factory buildings and identified the potential of 1.5GW roof top solar energy in textile sector in Bangladesh. This was done by working with several partner factories with different energy usage profiles to determine the technical and financial feasibility for optimum level of PV capacity installation and provide a comprehensive analysis on various aspects of rooftop solar integration with the existing sources of energy. PaCT is currently providing solar PV solutions to factories who wish to transition to renewable energy sources to meet their sustainability goals.