Our Team

  • Management

    Ms. Nishat Shahid Chowdhury

    Ms. Nishat Shahid Chowdhury, IFC

    Program Manager

    Nishat Shahid Chowdhury joined IFC in 2012 as Deputy Program Manager and a Textile Sustainability Specialist for the Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) Program. She is leading the ‘200 factory outreach’ Component of the program, and is responsible for advising textile sector clients on sustainable industrial best practices that help address energy, water, and chemical management challenges.

    Prior to joining IFC, she worked for four years as the Senior Environmental Advisor at GIZ for Improving Eco-efficiency and Environmental Standards of Textile and RMG factories.

    As an Environmental Specialist of a USAID funded project, she made significant contribution to promoting Cleaner Production concept in the Bangladesh textile and RMG factories, and improving the monitoring and enforcement capacity of the Department of Environment of Bangladesh. Her previous experiences include working for European Commission and CIDA funded projects focused on pollution management and verification of arsenic mitigation technologies.

    Ms. Nishat was also a lecturer of the Department of Environmental Science and Management, North South University, Dhaka. She is a certified lead EMS Auditor (ISO 14001:2004) and has extensive experience in auditing textile, ship recycling, pharmaceutical, battery, fish processing and plastic industries. Ms. Nishat is a Commonwealth Scholar, and studied in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

  • Water Footprint Assessment

    Mr. Ertug Ercin

    Mr. Ertug Ercin, Water Footprint Network

    Lead, Water Footprint Assessment

    Dr. Ertug Ercin is a water resources management expert specialized in the fields of hydraulic systems, water resources and river basin management and planning, water footprint assessment and environmental impact assessment. He has involved in many national or international projects as team leader, project leader, international expert, and water specialist. Ertug is responsible from and leading water footprint assessments in the PaCT project.

  • Factory Outreach

    Md. Rakibul Haque

    Md. Rakibul Haque, IFC
    Consultant, Component 2

    Md. Rakibul Haque is an environmental consultant with Bangladesh Water PaCT since September 2012. He is assisting the PaCT factory outreach team through CP assessment data and information management, reviewing reports and engagement of consulting firms. Rakib has obtained Post Graduation from Environmental Science, Policy and Management from a joint program offered by University of Manchester, UK and Central European University, Hungary. In his career, he worked for IUCN and UNDP; and also with ADB, Maxwell Stamp and Mot MacDonald intermittently. His capacity includes, cleaner production, environmental safeguards, EIA, EMS, climate change adaptation, and low carbon development. Apart, Rakib volunteers a farmers’ cooperative for market outreach of their produce.

    Mohammad Zahin Rahman

    Mohammad Zahin Rahman, IFC
    Consultant, Component 2

    Mohammad Zahin Rahman has been a consultant with the Bangladesh PaCT program since May, 2015. He is working in the factory outreach component of the PaCT team, performing analytics on Cleaner Production Assessment data from textile factories. Prior to joining IFC, he worked as an Environmental Advisor at GIZ for the promotion of eco-efficiency and environmental standards in the Bangladeshi textiles industry. He was extensively involved in structuring chemical management training programs for factory management and consultants, managing pilot projects for environment-friendly disposal methods for toxic sludge resulting from wastewater treatment at textile factories, and was involved in the development of the ‘National Sludge Management Standards and Guidelines’. Zahin has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University, 2011, and is currently working towards obtaining a Master’s in Development Management and Practice from BRAC University. 

  • Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC)

    Mohammad Tanvir Al-Fazal

    Mohammad Tanvir Al-Fazal, IFC
    Knowledge Management Officer, TTBC

    Prior to joining PaCT, Tanvir worked for two years with the South China Dyeing and Bleaching Factory as a Production Officer, and before that, he served as a Dyeing Officer at Coats Bangladesh Ltd. He also had a two year spell exploring a different stream, at Brenntag Bangladesh Ltd, where he worked as a Senior Technical Officer. A Textile Engineer by training, Tanvir graduated from Bangladesh Textile University in 2009. Like every nine out of ten Bangladeshis, he loves cricket, and when there is no cricket to watch, he enjoys reading.

    Mr. Syed Shahrear Shabab

    Mr. Syed Shahrear Shabab, IFC
    Support Services Officer – TTBC

    Shabab is responsible for the administrative & communication part of the ttbc program and coordination with the rest of the PaCT team in matters concerning ttbc. Prior to joining here, he worked in the private sector specifically the real estate sector of Bangladesh. He was involved in the conception and marketing of two different township/housing projects. He holds a MBA & BBA degree from North South University and also a graduate of Jefferson Davis High School, Montgomery, AL, USA and studied at University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University at Boston, USA. He enjoys watching movies and sports, while fictional reading is his favorite pastime.

  • Investment Facilitation

    Mr. Abdallah Naeefy

    Mr. Abdallah Naeefy
    Consultant , Access to Finance

    Abdallah Naeefy is a consultant in the PaCT team. His primary focus is on developing innovative business models on resource and energy efficiency financing, and working towards improved access of textile businesses to energy efficiency financing.

    Naeefy started his career at Standard Chartered Bank where he managed a mortgage portfolio worth USD 50 million, and was heavily involved in streamlining mortgage risk assessment and disbursement processes. Subsequently, he joined Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) as a Program Manager to explore grass root development challenges in the country, and spearheaded 9 different leadership programs for the organization. Prior to joining IFC, Naeefy worked as an Advisor at Ernst & Young, and supported the Board of Investment (BoI), Bangladesh, in facilitating investment promotion in the agribusiness sector of Bangladesh.

    Naeefy holds an MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. He is an avid reader of detective stories and comics.

  • Stakeholder Outreach

    Mr. S. Akhtar Mahmood

    Mr. S. Akhtar Mahmood, IFC
    Senior Advisor, Textile Sustainability Platform

    S. Akhtar Mahmood is currently with the Business Regulation Unit in the Investment Climate Department where, in addition to working on regulatory reform issues, he is helping to mainstream the application of economic governance principles in the World Bank Group’s work on investment climate and the roll-out of approaches that ensure the sustainability of reforms catalyzed by investment climate projects. Akhtar is also involved in developing and implementing innovative approaches to stake-holder engagement in order to inform public policy-making and engender transformative change in different sectors of economic activity in the developing world. Akhtar was Senior Program Manager, Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF), IFC Advisory Services, Bangladesh from January 2007 to June 2010. BICF is IFC’s largest single-country facility dedicated to investment climate reforms and has developed a number of innovative approaches to catalyze reforms in challenging political economy contexts. During 2011-12, he was part of a team that helped establish the 2030 Water Resources Group as a public-private partnership, hosted by IFC, with a mandate to help developing countries address water security challenges. Prior to joining IFC in January 2007, Akhtar was with the World Bank which he joined in 1991. He is an economist by training, receiving a B.A. and M.A. from Dhaka University, and a Ph.D. from Oxford University. Prior to the joining the World Bank Group. Akhtar was a visiting fellow at Yale University in the US, taught economics at the University of Dhaka, and consulted with the UNDP. In his spare time, Akhtar writes op-eds for newspapers, reads an eclectic mix of books and pursues a hobby in oral history. He is clinging on to a dream of becoming a freelance journalist or video documentary maker one day.

    Mr. Etienne Kechichian

    Mr. Etienne Kechichian
    Component Lead

    Etienne Kechichian leads the stakeholder outreach and community engagement work within PaCT. In addition, he currently leads the Climate Efficient Industries work within the World Bank Group, which looks to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing sectors through green and climate friendly policies and investments. These policies may include energy efficient standards and labeling systems, green fiscal incentives, low-carbon zones and climate-smart technologies. Prior to this work, Etienne worked globally on special economic zones projects. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Nice in International Relations.

    Ms. Adiba Mehnaz Ahmed

    Ms. Adiba Mehnaz Ahmed, IFC
    Local Lead, Textile Sustainability Platform

    Part of the PaCT Core team, Adiba has been working on PaCT stakeholder engagement since June 2012. She has contributed to the cluster-level stakeholder assessment, and initiated the stakeholder perception survey and the process evaluation of this component. With IFC since 2007, Adiba is also managing other projects under IFC’s Investment Climate Program, such as the Green Building Code project that provided recommendations to the government for water and energy saving mechanisms in building construction to be incorporated under the National Building Codes. The Investment Climate Program also provides technical support to the Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD). She holds an MBA with a concentration on International Business from the Independent University of Bangladesh.

  • Communications

  • Administration

    Mr. Sarder Niamul Islam

    Mr. Sarder Niamul Islam
    Program Assistant

    Sarder Niamul Islam joined PaCT team as a Program Assistant in July 2016. Niamul’s IFC career began in May 2005 when he joined the South-Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) program as an Office Administrator. He continued working in this role till August 2011; he then moved to IFC’s Kathmandu, Nepal office for a Development Assignment as an Office Administrator to help the Nepal Country Manager’s office, Resident Representative and country office facility management. Prior to joining PaCT, Niamul worked in the Dhaka IFC Investment team as a Program Assistant from 2012 to 2016. During these years at IFC, Niamul has accomplished several training on skill development, facilities management, procurement, effective communication skills, and creating selection memos, selection of firm and consultancy services.

    Niamul is an MBA from American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) and a Masters Graduate in English Literature from National University Bangladesh. Before joining IFC, he worked for an agribusiness development project of USAID, where he gained experience in working with the shrimp stakeholders of Bangladesh and international buyers to run a campaign program for Bangladeshi Shrimp sector to comply with the international buyer’s code of conducts and certify according to the World Wild Life Fund and HACCP. In his personal life, Niamul is very adventurous, and likes travelling and photography. He a musician, a composer, and a singer.

    Ms. Farzina Siraj Rahee

    Ms. Farzina Siraj Rahee
    Team Assistant

    Farzina is working in the PaCT team, as the team assistant. Her primary is to lend admin support to the team. She is also involved in factory outreach, communications legal and harmonizing the team in regards of all component. Prior to joining IFC, Farzina was working as a Network Operation Officer in ezetop, which is globally the largest online mobile phone top-up today. She did her undergrads in English literature from Bangladesh National University.