PaCT is working towards the implementation of best practices in the textile sector, with a focus on reducing resource consumption and wastewater pollution. PaCT helps you to spend less and gain more! Read More

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Read the exciting success stories of how our partner factories are not just retrofitting or replacing equipment, but also becoming creative to reach their Cleaner Production goals.

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It’s time to rethink the sustainability of our products. PaCT’s DSG is supporting brands to embrace sustainable product processing practices throughout the supply chain- from recipes to sourcing, and more!

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Resource efficiency projects are a business opportunity for banks and financial intermediaries to enhance their credit portfolios and attract new clients.

Resource Efficiency Projects

Use our Resource Savings Calculator to get a glimpse of the potential profits and resource savings your factory can achieve from resource efficiency upgrades.

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  • Water Savings

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  • Energy Savings

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    Factory Savings

Use the Resource Savings Calculator to find out how much your factory can save by implementing best practices.

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What Others Think of PaCT

  • At IDLC we are focusing on 'Mother Planet and Sustainability', shifting from the traditional financing approach to sustainable green financing. With an aim to deliver...

    Mr. Mesbah Uddin Ahmed,

    IDLC Finance Limited.

  • Recommendations set by PaCT experts helped us immensely to be better thermal efficient, compared to our past days’ efficiency level...


    HAMS Garments Ltd.

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Take Advantage

  • Once we had done cleaner production, we thought we had done everything and there was nothing more to do. PaCT Advantage will help us to plan the next steps and continue to improve.

    Faruque Hossain

    AGM, Niagara Textiles Ltd

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Latest News

  • Ms. Wendy Werner, Country Manager, IFC Bangladesh, visits two leading textile factories in Bangladesh

    Ms. Wendy Werner, Country Manager, IFC Bangladesh, visits two leading textile factories in Bangladesh

    Ms. Wendy Werner, Country Manager, IFC Bangladesh, visited Plummy Fashions Ltd (PFL), a Leed certified Platinum factory, and Esquire Knit...

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  • Know your Market

    Know your Market

    Understanding the size and demand of the Bangladeshi garment and textile sector is essential to the development and improvement of the industry....

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  • Workshop on Wastewater Management

    Workshop on Wastewater Management

    Bangladesh PaCT, GIZ PSES and the Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC) collaborated for the first time to organize a day-long workshop on ‘Wastewater...

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  • Launching Ceremony of the Textile Sustainability Platform

    Launching Ceremony of the Textile Sustainability Platform

    Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) officially launches the Textile Sustainability Platform at the city’s Lakeshore Hotel, on June 26...

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  • PaCT organizes Solar PV and LED Lighting Workshop

    Launching Ceremony of the Textile Sustainability Platform

    Bangladesh’s RMG industry has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 743% over the last three decades, and is continuing to grow with a vision ...

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Industry Associations Working with PaCT

  • Environmental sustainability issues have emerged as an area of growing concern for us. After the huge success of the project named SEDF Cleaner Production, implemented by IFC and Solidaridad, funded by the United Kingdom and Norway, we are now participating in PaCT.

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PaCT mobilizes a broad set of stakeholders to trigger systemic change in the environmental performance of the Bangladeshi textile sector. Read more


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